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Work featured at different jury selected national and regional exhibitions, solo and group shows; the latest one at Arbetets museum.

Dokfotosalong 2023

Dokfotosalongen is arranged by Arbetets museum in Norrköping and is a well regarded and popular yearly national exhibition of documentary photography.

A partnership with BESTCANVAS.SE

The theme for the 2023 exhibition was ’Hidden work’, a topic the 35 jury selected photographers from all over Sweden had interpreted in various weird and wonderful ways, as well as described in a couple of paragraphs accompanying their images.
I choose to focus on the hidden work that takes places inside all of us – as per the words by me and the subject in the photo, displayed next to the picture titled: A Place In The Sun – Through Hard Work:

¨Who knows what is taking place inside of those we meet. The hidden work that is part of being human, with our abilities to creative and logical processing, as well as the emotional work our hearts and our subconscious do, without it showing on the outside. Who knows how it comes about, and what effects it will have; in the present and in the future. What is being created? When and where and by whom?Walking past a neighbour outside in the sun on his deck i got a feeling that there were some hidden work going on inside of him – and it was¨:

”I am an ex junkie, clean since 19 years back. Thanks to God coming into my life things could change for the better. But it is a constant struggle to remind one self about it and find gratefulness every day. But I am working on it when I am lying out here in the sun. It is God’s work that I am able to be here!” Hans-Åke Lundholm